Unconventional Uses For Coffee

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Coffee is typically enjoyed as a hot brewed beverage sometimes served with milk or sugar. But there are many other ways to use coffee and coffee beans, that people have discovered over time. Here are some unconventional uses for coffee that you may not have heard of.

Coffee as a Fabric Dye

Used as a plant-based dye, coffee provides an effective way to color fabric. Just as as our ancestors used spices like turmeric to dye fabric, modern enthusiasts use brewed coffee.

All you need for this project is a pot of brewed coffee and some fabric. Natural, un-dyed cotton will give the most obvious results, but any light colored fabric will also work. Pour fresh or day old brewed coffee into a pot or large bowl. Submerge the fabric completely and allow to steep until the desired color results. The longer you let the fabric steep, the deeper the color will become. When finished, allow to dry and launder as usual.

Coffee as a Skin Conditioner

Coffee is an ingredient in many skin conditioners, due to its medical benefits. In particular, coffee has been shown to give positive results to skin that has become unsightly due to cellulite. Skin cream with coffee ingredients is rubbed into the affected areas on a routine basis. Over time, the look of the skin appears less dimpled and more smooth.

Some people believe you can get this skin solution at home using used coffee grounds. Simply add the grounds to your usual skin cream and rub vigorously into the area affected with cellulite. You may notice an improvement over time. Be aware that commercial cellulite products containing coffee or caffeine may have other active ingredients to enhance the potency of the product. Therefore, you may not be able to enjoy the same level of skin improvement with a homemade solution.

Coffee as a Hair Dye

Coffee stains items that it comes into contact with, including hair. Many women have eschewed commercial hair dye due to the chemicals they contain. In lieu of commercial hair dyes, some women use brewed coffee to dye their hair a brunette color. The effect may be subtle, but it is often enough to avoid scalp exposure to toxic substances such ammonia and peroxide.

To do, brew a strong pot of coffee and allow it to come to room temperature. Once it is safe to touch the skin, pour the solution onto dry hair. Squeeze the hair strands to ensure saturation. Cover the hair with a plastic bag for an hour or so. Rinse with clean water and shampoo as usual. The reports of effectiveness from homemade coffee dye for hair are anecdotal, and your personal results may vary.

Next time you brew coffee at home, you might want to consider saving the leftover coffee and grounds. These unconventional uses for coffee might be worth a try. If you don't have any coffee laying around your house, visit a coffee bar, such as Loft 950


1 January 2016

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