Safety Tips For Those That Use Walking Aids

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When you are no longer as sure on your feet or if you are recovering from an injury, you may find yourself in need of a cane, walker, or other piece of durable medical equipment to aid you in getting around. In this case, it's important to know some basic safety tips to ensure you don't suffer an accident when using your walking aid. The following can help.

Tip #1: Remove tripping hazards

Loose carpet and rugs can trip up a cane or walker. Even mobility scooters and chairs can get hung up on these. Rugs that aren't affixed to the ground should be put away. Loose carpet may need to be taped down securely so the edges don't pose a hazard. Another option is to install a sloped threshold over the edges of the carpet to make it easier to move between surfaces without tripping. Finally, make sure there are no cords or other hazards stretched across the floor in the pathways.

Tip #2: Make steps safer

A major problem is when you have steps or stairs in your home that you must manever over. Although it is safe to use a cane on stairs, you should also make sure there is a sturdy banister. Walkers must never be used on stairs. Instead, have two walkers and keep one on each level of your home. If possible, consider having a ramp installed to make it easier to use your mobility aid on steps. Much like the rest of your home, you also don't want any hazards, such as a loose stair runner.

Tip #3: Invest in a chair aid

If you use a cane or walker, you may find it difficult to get up from a sitting position. As a general rule, though, canes and walkers should not be used to help you stand up. The only exception is a walker frame that is equipped with brakes. Instead, you may need to also get a standing frame. This is a sturdy frame that you can move in front of you. It is more sturdy than a walker or cane, so it is much safer to use.

Tip #4: Dress the part

What you wear is also important. Avoid loose or long clothing that can get tangled in a walker or in the wheels of a scooter or wheelchair. Also, where well fitted shoes with non-skid bottoms. It does no good to make sure everything else is safe if the clothing you wear is a hazard.

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24 August 2017

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