Recently Tested For COVID-19? 3 Ways To Get Your Results Faster

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COVID-19 is a scary disease, especially since it is heavily contagious and prone to spreading in tight spaces. If you become ill, it's important to be tested to find out if you could spread the illness to others, since the virus can be deadly in seniors or anyone with a compromised immune system. Waiting can be tricky, but by doing these three things before or after testing, you may be able to find out your status faster. 

1. Check Online Forums

Because so many people are opting for COVID-19 testing, it's easy to find communities of people who are asking questions about testing online. Oftentimes, these people post where they went, when they got tested, and how long it took for tests to come back. 

If you want to be tested and you need to find out the results quickly, do your research online to see which testing locations are yielding faster turnaround times for tests. If you repeatedly see people reporting that they got tested and had their results back quickly, get tested there instead of going elsewhere. Some testing centers have smaller groups of people and a lab that isn't as busy, which makes testing faster. 

2. Create An Online Healthcare Login

Because the healthcare system is so strained at the present time, many testing centers aren't even calling patients unless their test came back positive. Instead, results may be available online, if you have set up a client-patient portal on their website. When you get tested, ask if online results are available, where to set up an account, and when to expect the results to be posted. 

3. Stay In Touch With Your Doctor

Sometimes, it can be helpful for you as a patient to be proactive about finding out your results, instead of waiting for your physician to get in touch with you. Consider calling your doctor's office once a day or every few days to see if they have gotten your results back. If you are positive, being on the phone with your doctor's office could also help you to find out great information about the steps you should take to stay hydrated and healthy as you move through the disease progression. 

Remember, if you are diagnosed with COVID-19, there is hope on the horizon. Medical professionals are working hard on potential treatments and even a vaccine, which could make recovering quickly more of a possibility--or avoiding the issue altogether. For most people, the disease passes within a few weeks, so try to stay calm and focus on your own recovery.  


28 August 2020

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