Five Things You Need To Know About Having A Strangulation SANE Exam

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Experiencing an assault that involves strangulation is a scary experience. If you have been assaulted, it's important that you take action and prosecute the perpetrator to protect yourself from future violence. 

A strangulation SANE exam can collect evidence after an assault that can be used to prosecute the perpetrator. The following are five things you need to know about having a strangulation SANE exam. 

Before the exam, you may need to be evaluated and treated for injuries resulting from strangulation

If you are recovering from a severe episode of strangulation, you may need to be treated for the injury to your trachea or another part of your throat immediately to ensure that you're breathing properly.

It's important to make sure that proper breathing is restored and any other injuries have been treated so that you're in stable condition before a strangulation SANE exam. 

Evidence collected during a strangulation SANE exam can be used to prosecute the perpetrator of a sexual assault crime

The purpose of a SANE exam is to collect evidence that is used to support the sexual assault, domestic violence, and assault charges against the perpetrator. It's important that you undergo a SANE exam if you want to press charges against the perpetrator of a sexual assault. 

SANE stands for sexual assault nurse examiner

SANE is an acronym for sexual assault nurse examiner. Such an exam will be conducted by a nurse with specialized training in, not only health care, but also forensics and psychology. 

It's important that a strangulation SANE exam is carried out soon after the assault in question

The sooner a strangulation SANE exam is carried out after strangulation and sexual assault, the more successful the exam is likely to be at collecting evidence. It's, therefore, important that you don't wait too long to have such an exam done.

It's also important that you don't accidentally destroy evidence. You shouldn't do things like go to the bathroom, bathe, or change your clothes until after you have had your SANE exam completed. Doing these things could make it so that important evidence is compromised or removed from your body before the exam. 

There are many possible physical symptoms that can develop as the result of strangulation

In addition to evidence of sexual assault, your SANE exam will also include collecting evidence of strangulation.

This can include bruising on the neck, swelling of the tongue or lips, difficulty breathing, bloodshot eyes, memory loss, and involuntary defecation or urination. Your SANE examiner will look out for and document these types of symptoms as part of your exam if your assault involved strangulation. 

Contact a local strangulation SANE professional to learn more.


2 April 2021

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