3 Times When A Virtual Doctor's Visit Is Totally Adequate

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These days, virtual doctor's visits are more common than ever before. They save time, and they also help reduce the spread of infectious diseases since patients won't be in contact with one another. As common as they are, though, virtual visits are not well suited to every medical need. For instance, if you have pain in your ankle, you're best off seeing an orthopedic doctor in person as they'll need to guide you through some exercises and palpate your ankle to get a better idea of what's wrong. So, when are virtual visits adequate? Here are three instances in which seeing the doctor virtually is a smart choice.

You just need a doctor's note

There may be times when you're not sick enough to really need medical care, but you do need a doctor's note in order to miss work or school. In these cases, seeing a virtual doctor is a very wise choice. Since your symptoms aren't too worrisome, it's okay for the doctor to evaluate them from afar. You save time and energy by not having to drive to the doctor's office just for the doctor to diagnose you with a cold. Most doctors will directly email your employer after a virtual visit upon request.

You have a skin problem

If your primary concern is a rash, a bump, or some other abnormality on your skin, then seeing a doctor virtually is a good choice. Most skin assessments are just done visually, anyways. Your doctor should be able to give you a good idea of what's wrong just by looking at your skin over the video. If they think any extra testing is needed, then they can set that up. But chances are, they'll be able to diagnose you and call in any needed prescriptions based on what they see in the video call.

You have a known ailment acting up

If you have an active diagnosis and are experiencing a flare-up, then seeing your doctor virtually is usually adequate. Your doctor is familiar with the condition already, and all they really need to know is that your symptoms are acting up again. Based on the video call, they can give you some updated care instructions or change your medications. 

Not all medical ailments can or should be diagnosed via a virtual visit, but many can be. If you're in any of the above situations, you'll get plenty out of a virtual doctor's visit.


21 October 2021

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