How To Prepare For Your MRI

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Has your doctor told you that you need to get an MRI scan? If you need this kind of scan, it can be a bit overwhelming. You may be nervous about the entire process and start wondering what you can expect. By understanding the process of an MRI and having some basic questions answered, you will become more comfortable. Here are some answers to common questions.

What Will the Test Show?

MRIs are usually done so that your doctor can see more of what is happening to your body. It uses radio waves and magnets to create internal images of your body. This is often considered a safer alternative to using dyes. It is also not as limited as an X-ray.

Is an MRI Safe for You?

If your doctor has sent you to do an MRI it's usually because they consider you to be a safe candidate for the procedure. Some people need to avoid an MRI. For example, those who wear a pacemaker, or have any type of metal inside their body, may not be eligible.

This means you need to be as transparent as possible with your physician so that they can make a valid judgment about whether you are a good candidate for the procedure or not.

Can You Eat Before an MRI?

You may be wondering if you can eat or drink before an MRI exam. Usually, you can eat or drink before going for an MRI. There are very few restrictions that come with the procedure and you should also be able to take all your medications as you normally would before and after the MRI. The only way you would need to stop eating or taking medication before your MRI is if your doctor advises you to do so.

How Should You Dress?

You should dress in comfortable clothes on the day of the MRI. You want to avoid clothes that have any form of metal on them. This means that you should probably stick to a t-shirt and slacks if possible. You will be asked to remove jewelry such as your watch, your earrings, and your nose ring before the procedure starts. These can interfere with the proper functioning of the equipment.

Getting an MRI can be scary at first. You may not know exactly what to expect but once you do, you will realize that all you have to do is be prepared and the procedure will be over very quickly. 


15 November 2022

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