Edentulism: How It Happens, And What You Can Do About It

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Edentulism is a condition that plagues many people. It indicates partial or total tooth loss. The main issue with edentulism isn't that you're missing teeth--the main issue is what those missing teeth mean for the rest of your mouth and facial structure. How Does Someone Get Edentulism Edentulism implies that all teeth are missing, or one full row. When many teeth are missing, but not all, it's called partial edentulism. Many different paths can lead to edentulism.

4 September 2015

3 Things You Should Know About Root Canals

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A root canal is something that can help you salvage your tooth and relieve the pain you have as a result of a bacterial infection that has infiltrated the innermost layer of a tooth, or the pulp. While root canals are common procedures, many people believe a number of myths circulating about the procedure. Here are a few things you need to know about root canals. Cavities Aren't the Only Cause

17 February 2015