Types Of Breast Cancer Treatment Options

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If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, it's very possible that you have a lot of questions. You are not alone in your journey, but it can certainly feel like you are at times. The good news is that you have plenty of people and organizations on your side after your diagnosis. In fact, several parties will come together to create your treatment plan. These are some of the questions you may have about receiving the treatment you need.

30 November 2020

Soothing Chronic Pain Through Physical Therapy

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Chronic pain is awful. There's no sugar-coating that. But it doesn't have to be permanent, and it doesn't have to be at intolerable levels. You have a number of therapies that you can try, and one that has shown a lot of great results is physical therapy. You might think of physical therapy as a form of weight-lifting or cardio workout guided by a therapist, but it's actually a blanket term for a range of therapies that can include more traditional conditioning and not-so-traditional therapies like sensory training.

4 November 2020

How Hearing Aids Help With Outer Ear Damage

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The ear is a complex part of the body that is made up of many different sections. And while most hearing damage is likely to be triggered by deep issues within the system, there are many types of outer ear issues that may require hearing aids to manage.  Outer Hearing Loss Isn't Always Discussed The outer ear is a unique part of the hearing system that isn't as often discussed as others.

5 October 2020

Recently Tested For COVID-19? 3 Ways To Get Your Results Faster

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COVID-19 is a scary disease, especially since it is heavily contagious and prone to spreading in tight spaces. If you become ill, it's important to be tested to find out if you could spread the illness to others, since the virus can be deadly in seniors or anyone with a compromised immune system. Waiting can be tricky, but by doing these three things before or after testing, you may be able to find out your status faster.

28 August 2020