Three Problems You Might Be Having With Your Hearing Aids- And What You Can Do To Fix Them


When you depend on a hearing aid to hear the world around you, few things are most frustrating than when they don't work like they are supposed to. Learn how to solve a few common problems that might be plaguing your hearing aids: Problem One: The Volume of Your Hearing Aids is Suddenly Too Weak If you suddenly find that the volume of your receiver in canal (RIC) hearing aids isn't loud enough, this can indicate that there is a problem with the dome of your hearing aid.

7 December 2017

Deciding Between Urgent Care And The Emergency Room

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Getting sick can be very inconvenient, especially when an appointment with your regular doctor is not a possibility. This is often an issue during nights and weekends when most primary physicians are not available. Whether it's an illness that pops up after office hours or you are unable to get an appointment, urgent care or a visit to the emergency room are both options. However, they are not the same thing.

19 November 2017

Three Situations When You Should Consider Seeing A Podiatrist

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A podiatrist, if you're not familiar with the word, is a foot doctor. They specialize in all things related to the feet and the ankle area. For many people, the idea of a podiatrist is an afterthought—the type of doctor you see for a specific injury or other medical problem that can be treated, and then the problem is behind you. But there are many people who should see a podiatrist as a routine aspect of their health care.

30 October 2017

The Benefits Of Obstetric Ultrasonography And Why Some Women Have More Than One Scan

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While obstetric ultrasonography is still a service where limited uses is best for your baby, you may be surprised at the benefits of use. It is also surprising to hear how some women may see ultrasound pictures of their baby more than once or twice during their pregnancy. Before you begin feeling a little envious, consider the benefits of ulrasounds and learn why other mothers get multiple images. Establishing Living Fetuses

10 October 2017

Dealing With Chronic Pain Prior To Heroin Abuse? What Are Your Treatment Options?

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All too often, a heroin addiction can begin with the legal treatment of chronic pain through prescription opiates like oxycontin and hydrocodone. As federal law enforcement agencies have begun to crack down on "pill mills," making doctors and healthcare professionals far less likely to prescribe these drugs, those whose severe pain leaves them unable to function have often turned to heroin, fentanyl, and other street drugs that are easier and cheaper to acquire than pills.

20 September 2017

Some Things You Need To Know About Immunizations

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Getting your child immunized is the best way to protect a child from fatal illnesses and is safe for the majority of children. There have been a lot of confusion and misconceptions about immunizations. Here are some things parents should know in order to be well informed about immunizations. Should Everyone Get Immunized? The majority of people should get immunized. As long as the person is healthy and doesn't have any serious illnesses that attack the immune system, they should get their immunizations regularly.

6 September 2017

Safety Tips For Those That Use Walking Aids

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When you are no longer as sure on your feet or if you are recovering from an injury, you may find yourself in need of a cane, walker, or other piece of durable medical equipment to aid you in getting around. In this case, it's important to know some basic safety tips to ensure you don't suffer an accident when using your walking aid. The following can help. Tip #1: Remove tripping hazards

24 August 2017

Why You Shouldn't Take Medication Or Supplements That Haven't Been Tested And Approved


Both over-the-counter and prescription medications often go through a rigorous development and testing schedule before they are ever released to the public, and many are approved by the FDA before they are put out for you to purchase. However, there are still some types of medications and supplements that have not been FDA-approved. If someone you know has had good results from a non-tested and approved medication or supplement, or if you have read good things about it online, you might be tempted to give it a try.

15 August 2017

Tips For Selecting New Imaging Equipment For Your Practice

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Whether it's time to upgrade your existing imaging equipment or you're looking to expand your department, choosing a new unit can be challenging. There are many things to consider when you start shopping, and some of those things can be significant factors in the final selection. Not only do you need to know your budget, but you'll also have to think about the space that you have, what renovations might be required to fit a new piece of equipment, and whether or not you'll buy a new machine or one that's been refurbished.

1 August 2017

Two Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Has Stalled

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It's something that happens to all dieters. One month it seems as though you're dropping five pounds a week, but the next month the scale seems like it's frozen in place. There are many reasons why you may not be losing weight like you expected. Here are two you should consider and what you can do to get back on track. Your Input Exceeds Your Output The basic law of weight loss is to burn more calories than you consume.

6 January 2017