When Should You Pursue Corrective Surgery For Your Infant's Cleft Lip?

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If your child was recently born with a cleft lip but intact palate, you may be relieved that he or she is able to nurse and otherwise function without the interventions often necessary for infants with severely cleft palates -- from nasogastric tubes for feeding to narcotics for pain. However, you may still be eager to schedule the surgery that will close your baby's lip for good, leaving him or her with only a barely perceptible scar where there was once a congenital separation.

29 December 2016

Should You Be Worried About Eye Floaters?

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Occasional eye floaters is usually not a cause for concern. However, more frequent floaters that are accompanied by other symptoms could be an indication that you have an eye condition. If you are experiencing eye floaters, here is what you need to know.   What Causes Eye Floaters? Floaters can appear as specks or even threads that seem to float in the air. Floaters are the result of flecks of protein becoming wedged in the gel that supports your eyeball.

16 December 2016

4 Tips For Applying For A Medical Marijuana Card

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With more states allowing legal access to medical marijuana, many people are wondering about the process of getting a medical marijuana card and whether they can get access to medical marijuana. If you believe you need access to medical marijuana to treat a medical condition, below are some tips to make the application process easier and faster.  Make Sure Your Illness Is Eligible In Your State Despite more states allowing for the medical use of marijuana, it is still heavily restricted in many of these states.

11 November 2016

What To Expect During Your Sclerotherapy Appointment

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If you've made an appointment to have some of your varicose veins treated with sclerotherapy, you may be a bit nervous about the upcoming procedure. After all, having veins removed from your legs is not an everyday occurrence! Here's a look at what you can expect during and after the procedure. When you arrive at the doctor's office Sclerotherapy is usually conducted in an outpatient surgical center or your plastic surgeon's office.

11 November 2016

How Various Types Of Support Groups Can Help When You First Learn You Have Diabetes

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When you are diagnosed with diabetes, you may feel overwhelmed and frightened. Many people think a diagnosis of diabetes automatically cuts their lives short and ruins what time they have left. You may feel suddenly far away from the ones you love because of the drastic lifestyle changes you will need to make for managing diabetes. However, you should know you are never alone in your fears about diabetes. Check out how other diabetics work together to provide the emotional support they need for successfully managing diabetes.

26 October 2016

Shortness of Breath and Exercise: What Do You Need to Know?


If you experience shortness of breath every time you exercise, you may feel at a loss of what to do about your problem. According to the Mayo Clinic, shortness of breath, also known as dyspnea, makes you feel as though you're suffocating. You also experience a tightness in your chest that may cause you to panic. Although shortness of breath can occur as a result of a health condition like COPD, it can also happen when you engage in intense activities.

10 October 2016

Shopping For The Home You Want To Grow Old In: Senior-Friendly Elements To Look For

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When you are looking to the future, you want to be sure that, if you make any major investments, they will last for a long time and they will work for you going into your senior years as you age and inch toward retirement. As such, if you are looking to purchase a new house, you may be looking for the home that you plan to grow old in. The problem is that you may not know what elements in your future home you need to look for that will make your home senior-friendly.

7 October 2016

Primary Concerns: When To See Your Primary Care Physician And When To Go To A Specialist

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If you have an insurance plan that allows you to go see a specialist directly, rather than requiring you to go to your primary care physician first, which one to go to when you're not feeling well might not seem like such an easy decision. Medical problems aren't always straightforward, but if you're feeling ill, you likely don't want to waste time going to two appointments instead of one. There are times when going to a specialist is good, but in many cases, you should still see your primary care physician first.

23 September 2016

Is Your Child Being Bullied? What Every Parent Should Look For


Every year, more than 3 million children are bullied while at school. Is your child in this number? Unfortunately, bullying isn't something children are often eager to go tell school officials, or even their parents, about. For this reason, it's helpful when parents are able to recognize some of the signs that suggest a child is dealing with this issue.   Doesn't Want To Attend School Most children associate the feelings they experience from bullying with school.

6 September 2016

Relying On Accountability When Trying To Lose Weight


If you decided you would like to lose some weight, and you have struggled in the past with sticking to a diet or exercise plan to obtain the results you desire, you may have some fear that you will once again give up on your endeavor after you start a new program. Having an accountability method in place before you start a new regimen may be helpful in keeping you motivated and on track with the tasks you need to do to lose those pounds.

23 August 2016