Relying On Accountability When Trying To Lose Weight


If you decided you would like to lose some weight, and you have struggled in the past with sticking to a diet or exercise plan to obtain the results you desire, you may have some fear that you will once again give up on your endeavor after you start a new program. Having an accountability method in place before you start a new regimen may be helpful in keeping you motivated and on track with the tasks you need to do to lose those pounds. Here are a few ways you can prepare for your new journey in losing weight beforehand, possibly helping you remain focused so you get the result you want.

Join A Weight-Loss Program With A Friend

Often, when someone starts a weight loss program whether at a center, online, or on their own, they lose steam if they do not see instant results. Consider starting an exercise and diet routine with someone who has the same desire in losing weight as you do. Having someone else working toward similar goals will help keep you motivated. Whenever you or your partner wavers in keeping up with a routine, the other person will be there to lift their spirits and motivate them to continue. Having a partner is a great way to keep on top of accountability. Try out new recipes together and text pictures of meals to send each other. Exercise together or do so via webcam so each person knows the other is keeping up their end of the bargain.

Consider Hosting A Competition 

Join a weight loss support group in your area or online, and start a competition between members to build motivation in losing pounds. Have each person pitch in a few dollars toward the prize at the end of the competition. Members in the competition can track their progress weekly and check in with others to tell them about their results. The person who loses the most weight after several months will win. Seeing results along the way may motivate you to work harder at beating others in the competition, helping you to get to your goal in a timely manner.

Keep A Journal Of Statistics

It is a good idea to track your progress as you work toward your target weight. Taking measurements of your body in key areas, such as the arms, legs, torso, and waist, every week or two can be helpful as you would see numerical results. Write down food eaten each day as well as their caloric value. This will help you keep within the limit needed to lose weight and keep it off. Document your exercise time as well. When you fall into a plateau, where you are at a standstill in your weight loss, look back at this information so you can see how it worked in the past. You can then mimic your previous routine in an attempt to push on toward your goal.

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23 August 2016

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