What Are Some Nonsurgical Treatments For Bunions?


Bunions develop when the bones or tissue in the joint of the big toe move out of place. This often occurs to those whose spend long hours standing on their feet each day, participate in running or jumping sports frequently or wear high heeled shoes on a regular basis. Bunions can also be a hereditary condition.  In the beginning, bunions may not be painful. However, over time, bunions can cause severe pain and discomfort in the feet if left untreated.

16 December 2015

Go Under The Cloak Of Invisibility: Are Invisible Braces Right For You?

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Everybody yearns to have a beautiful smile with straight, white teeth. Unfortunately, achieving this perfect smile isn't always easy. For most people, teeth start crowding and overlapping during teen years, and if you don't get braces to correct these problems, they can get worse as you get older. When you think of getting braces to correct crooked teeth, you're probably picturing the traditional metal braces that have been used for decades.

1 December 2015

Macular Degeneration: A Look At Risk Factors You Can Control

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Macular degeneration is a serious eye condition that causes peripheral vision loss in its early stages, eventually progressing to the point of legal blindness, especially if left untreated. The sad thing about this condition is that many risk factors are not within your control. Those who have parents with macular degeneration, for instance, are at a high risk of developing it themselves. Age is another risk factor you cannot control. Fortunately, there are some macular degeneration risk factors that you can control.

19 November 2015

3 Tips For Preparing For Your Child's First Visit With An Audiologist

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If you suspect that your young son or daughter has hearing loss, he or she is not alone. At least twoout of every 1,000 children born in the United States annually suffer from some degree of hearing loss and many others develop it during childhood. Fortunately, by diagnosing it early and beginning appropriate treatment, your child has a much better chance of doing well in life. Therefore, the best thing you can do for your little one is get them to an audiologist as soon as possible after you, the pediatrician or a child care provider notices symptoms of a hearing deficit.

19 November 2015

All Natural Ways To Speed Up Healing After A Rhinoplasty

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If you have just had a nose job or are about to get one, you may want to limit excess use of drugs to aid in your recovery. Luckily, most patients only need a pain pill for the first few days. After that you can switch to all natural and homeopathic remedies to speed up the healing process. Not only are there herbs, vitamins and supplements that will help your body recover, but there are things that you have already lying around your home that can be a big help as well.

12 November 2015

4 Foods And Drinks That Will Help You On Your Weight Loss Journey

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Losing weight can be extremely tricky business. You have to find what works for your body, as everyone's body is different. You may process foods different than your best friend, who seems to be doing great on her diet. Unfortunately, the diet just isn't doing the trick for you. Sometimes, you need to do some trial-and-error to find out what works for you. However, science shows that these four foods and beverages may be able to help you lose weight, especially when you eat them as part of a balanced diet.

18 October 2015

Aging and Your Risk Of Colon Cancer

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As your body ages, physical changes put you at a higher risk for certain diseases. Colon cancer is one problem seen more often in seniors than in younger adults. But with early detection and treatment, it doesn't have to affect your life. Here is why early detection is so important and the treatments available to keep this disease from interrupting your retirement. Colon Cancer Screening Avoids Serious Problems Colon cancer starts out as small growths in the wall of the rectum or lower large intestine.

2 October 2015

How To Achieve A Perfect Smile

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In today's society, perfectly straight teeth are a highly coveted trait. Unfortunately, very few people are born with this characteristic. There is, however, still hope for people who want to achieve a beautiful smile! There are many types of orthodontic care available to correct issues that may be present in the mouth, but it is important to research the topic before just diving in to a treatment plan. This will ultimately save you money and possibly shorten the time that the treatment will take.

30 September 2015

Everything You Need To Know About Medigap

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If you are on Medicare, then you might have heard of something called Medigap. However, you might not know what Medigap is, or if you can take advantage of it. To help you out, here is an overview of Medigap, including its requirements and benefits. What is Medigap? The purpose of Medigap is to fill in the cracks of Medicare. Medicare doesn't cover all the services of private insurance, which is you need a supplemental insurance plan: Medigap.

16 September 2015

Edentulism: How It Happens, And What You Can Do About It

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Edentulism is a condition that plagues many people. It indicates partial or total tooth loss. The main issue with edentulism isn't that you're missing teeth--the main issue is what those missing teeth mean for the rest of your mouth and facial structure. How Does Someone Get Edentulism Edentulism implies that all teeth are missing, or one full row. When many teeth are missing, but not all, it's called partial edentulism. Many different paths can lead to edentulism.

4 September 2015