Coping with Chemo: How to Deal with Side Effects

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Chemotherapy drugs are used to fight many different types of cancer because they kill rapidly-growing cancer cells quickly. As chemotherapy drugs travel through your bloodstream, they can affect healthy cells as well, which can lead to side effects.  Nausea One of the most common side effects of chemo is nausea. Switch to several small meals per day rather than two or three larger meals to help minimize nausea and vomiting. Choose healthy foods such as vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains, and avoid fried and greasy foods that may upset your stomach more.

6 September 2022

Colon Cancer Screening: Uncomfortable, But Worth It

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Being screened for colon cancer certainly isn't any fun. But if you put it off and don't get screened as recommended, you may have even less fun to look forward to in the future. Screening is important to make sure colon cancer, if you do have it, is detected earlier when it is easier to treat. But what if you're still struggling to convince yourself to get screened, even though you know it's important?

2 August 2022

Various Treatment Options For Eating Disorders To Consider For Your Teenager

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The teenage years can be incredibly difficult for some kids to navigate. And while some teens may engage in alarming behaviors as an act of rebellion, you should know some habits could be symptomatic of an underlying issue. Eating disorders are particularly prevalent among teenagers contending with mental health issues. However, unlike some illnesses and conditions that can be treated with prescription medication, eating disorders require a specialized treatment plan that's tailor-made for your teen's individual needs.

30 June 2022

Is Sleep Medication Right For You? What You Need To Know

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If you have issues going to sleep or staying asleep, you should seek medical treatment. Quality sleep is necessary for good physical and mental health. A doctor can help you understand why you are not sleeping well and provide some treatment options. One of those treatment options is sleep medication. Before you decide to take a regimen of sleeping medication, you need to know more about how they work and if they would be a good option for you.

27 May 2022

Sometimes Sprained Ankles Need Treatment

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Most people occasionally take a bad step, twisting their ankle a little. Often, if you rest for a minute or walk gingerly for a while, the pain will subside and everything will be okay. But this is not always the case. Sometimes, sprained ankles are more serious and do require medical care. If your ankle pain doesn't go away in an hour or two, or if your ankle swells after you twist it, then you really should seek care.

27 April 2022

Shoulder Pain Treatment With Physical Therapy

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Shoulder pain is the result of many different types of injuries, including poor posture and overuse injuries. If you are living with this pain, there are treatment options available. Physical therapy can be used to address joint pain, including injuries that affect the shoulders. Physical therapy is a common treatment option for shoulder pain. If you have been living with shoulder pain, this is what you need to know about these kinds of injuries.

28 March 2022

Menorrhagia: Causes And Treatments For Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

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Menorrhagia refers to bleeding heavily during your menstrual period. In addition to heavy bleeding during your periods, menorrhagia refers to periods that also last longer than usual. While menorrhagia is very common, the cause should be diagnosed by your OB/GYN so that the appropriate treatment can be quickly implemented. Over time, menorrhagia may raise your risk for fatigue, weakness, and anemia related to excessive blood loss. Here are some causes of menorrhagia and effective treatments that your gynecologist may recommend.

25 February 2022

Benefits Everyone Can Enjoy From Reiki

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Reiki is a healing modality. As such, you may assume reiki is only beneficial for those who have something specific they are healing from. But this is not the case at all. Reiki actually has benefits for everyone, regardless of their current health status and possible diagnoses. Here are a few of those benefits. Tension Release Almost everyone has times when they feel tense or on edge. Sometimes this tension is physical.

26 January 2022