A Look At Things To Expect With Your First Massage Therapy Treatment

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A massage can be taken for stress reduction or for treating a specific area of your body. The massage procedure is tailored to your individual needs and your comfort level. Here's a look at what you might expect during a massage therapy treatment.

You Wear What Makes You Comfortable

If you're having a chair massage on your back or a foot massage, you might not have to undress at all. If you're having a full-body massage, your therapist may ask you to undress to your comfort level. If you want to remain fully clothed, you should wear lightweight clothing that doesn't interfere with the massage movements.

However, you can fully undress if you want or take off everything but your undergarments. Your therapist wants you to feel comfortable most of all. You'll be in a private area and covered with a sheet, and the only person who sees you is your therapist.

You Should Relax And Avoid Chatting

You don't have to be completely silent. Your massage therapist needs feedback to make sure you're not in pain or uncomfortable. However, chatting may be discouraged since it keeps your mind and body from relaxing completely. Relaxation is important for all kinds of massage treatments.

Treatments Times Vary

Massage therapy treatments vary, so you'll want to pay attention to how much time you're booking. You may want a short massage the first time you go because a long massage might seem to take forever until you're used to the procedure.

Plus, it may take a while to get used to someone touching your body, especially if you have sore areas. When you're comfortable with shorter massages, you may want to book longer sessions so you get the most benefit from your time on the table.

Some Massages Hurt A Little

A massage for the purpose of relaxation and stress relief utilizes long, soothing strokes. This type of massage probably won't cause any discomfort. Therapeutic massages that work on trigger points can be a little uncomfortable. The therapist presses on your body to find areas that hurt when pressed. These are trigger points the therapist then applies steady pressure to. The treatment might be a little uncomfortable, but releasing the trigger point can help with healing.

You might even have some discomfort for a day or two after the massage. It's important to let your massage therapist know if you have any pain or problems during your massage therapy treatment in case they need to alter the pressure or type of treatment.  

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20 December 2022

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