Care From A Distance: The Benefits Of A Virtual Medical Scribe

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Medical scribes are an essential part of the healthcare experience, allowing for any orders from a doctor to be submitted in a formal report. Thanks to the amazing advances in technology, medical scribes can now be used in a virtual setting. This provides both doctor and patient with several benefits and can lead to a more satisfactory experience overall for the patient. Read on for a brief look into the benefits of hiring a virtual scribe and how they contribute to a better doctor/patient relationship. 

A Safer Experience

Unlike a traditional medical scribe, virtual scribes do their work in a completely remote setting. This means they will not be present in the room with the patient and doctor during the appointment. Since the onset of the pandemic, greater consideration has been made towards preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. By using a virtual scribe, you are taking out an additional body in the room, leading to a safer environment for both doctor and patient. For patients such as expecting mothers or those with compromised immune systems, this additional level of safety will be greatly beneficial and appreciated. 

Patient Privacy

While the safety of the patient is certainly a priority when it comes to the appointment, privacy is also held in high consideration. Especially for health issues that may be embarrassing or difficult for the patient to discuss, the presence of a virtual scribe will be far more welcome. A virtual scribe will use software to listen in on the conversation between doctor and patient without being intrusive in any way. For some patients, the presence of another person in the room may feel unsettling to them and they may not disclose as much information as they would otherwise do in confidence. 

Benefits for Doctors

The inclusion of a scribe is extremely beneficial for the doctor/patient relationship and allows the doctor to fully focus their attention on what the patient is communicating to them. Patients, likewise, will feel a stronger one-on-one connection with their physician, allowing them to fully communicate their concerns, symptoms, and any questions they may have. At some point after the appointment is complete, the attending doctor will review the scribe's notes and make any needed adjustments. This sends the work back to the scribe to complete the process and submit the data, freeing up the rest of the day for the doctor. For doctors who are understandably busy, this extra time away from the administrative portion of scribing will definitely be appreciated. 

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6 October 2022

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