4 Tips For Applying For A Medical Marijuana Card

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With more states allowing legal access to medical marijuana, many people are wondering about the process of getting a medical marijuana card and whether they can get access to medical marijuana. If you believe you need access to medical marijuana to treat a medical condition, below are some tips to make the application process easier and faster. 

Make Sure Your Illness Is Eligible In Your State

Despite more states allowing for the medical use of marijuana, it is still heavily restricted in many of these states. For example, you may find that most states do not allow medical marijuana for the treatment of psychiatric problems such as depression or anxiety, but some states allow the treatment of resistant PTSD. Before you begin your application, look up which illnesses and complications are currently allowed in your state. In most states, this includes severely debilitating illnesses such as cancer, AIDS/HIV, and ALS. If your condition is not currently covered, you may want to petition your state board before submitting an application. 

Know How to Petition Your State Board If Your Illness Is Not Currently Covered

Most states that allow medicinal use of marijuana have protocols in place to accept petitions for new illnesses and conditions to be covered. Petitions may need a certain number of patient requests, a statement from your doctor, and review by a medical board. These petitions are generally more involved and time-consuming than a standard application. However, they often end up with new illnesses being approved for treatment with medical marijuana. If you plan to petition for the addition of a covered illness to the accepted list, it is important to work with your doctor and the medical marijuana advocacy group in your area. 

Have Your Doctor Certify You 

You will need a certification from your doctor that states you will benefit from the use of medical marijuana and that you have an accepted illness or condition. It is important that you get this from a doctor who you have an established relationship with. If your doctor will not certify you, you may need to start a relationship with a new doctor and attend several visits before you can be certified. 

Have Your Guardian's Permission If You Are Under 18

If you are under 18, a parent or guardian will have to assume responsibility for your medical marijuana. Make sure you have their permission and their signature on your application. 

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11 November 2016

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