Why In-Home Nursing Care Makes Sense

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In home nursing care offers a desirable alternative to in-patient hospital and nursing home care. Such care can run the gamut from helping a patient recover from a wound or from surgery, helping with physical therapy, after treatment care as with cancer patients, health and diet education as with newly-diagnosed diabetics, and monitoring and making sure that the patient takes all of his or her medications correctly and on time.

In most cases, Medicare covers a major portion of the cost of in-home nursing care. Most other health insurance coverage, including Medicare supplemental insurance policies, also include coverage for in-home care.

Benefits of in home nursing care

1. People get to stay in their own homes. In home nursing care allows for much greater independence for the patient. They don't have to follow the hospital rules and regulations, and they aren't limited to a confined space as they are in the hospital. Plus, they can heal in familiar surroundings, with their children and pets around them. Being at home can help motivate a patient to get better more quickly, so they can more fully participate in activities at home.

2. Allows patients to recover away from potential infections in the hospital environment. Even the most sanitary hospital can harbor bacteria and viruses. Giving a patient an opportunity to heal and recover at home keeps him or her away from those potentially harmful germs.

3. It's generally more affordable. The cost of in-patient hospital care has sky-rocketed in the last decade. In most cases, in-home care is more affordable.

4. Family and friends can visit more easily. Hospitals can make it difficult for friends and family to visit. There are limited hours, parking fees and unfamiliar neighborhoods. Plus, some people just have an aversion to visiting hospitals. When you recover at home, it's much easier for those who care about you to visit. Having friends and family around has been shown to help promote healing.

5. Provides one-on-one care. In a hospital environment, the nursing staff has multiple patients to attend to. With in-home nursing care, they only have to focus on one patient, allowing for more personal care.

While in home nursing care isn't the right solution for every patient, this type of care lets people get back in their own home more quickly, makes it easy for family and friends to visit and often gives a more personal level of care. For more information, contact a company like Professional Nurses Registry.


10 January 2015

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