Your Knee Joint Pain: Diagnosis And Treatment

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When you have knee joint pain, it can make even the most minute daily activities painful and uncomfortable. Learn what to expect when it comes to diagnosing and treating your pain so you can be prepared when you go into your doctor's office.

Physical examination

Your doctor will want to physically examine your knee to check for swelling, inflammation, redness, deformity, and other damage to your knee so they can help determine what is causing your joint pain. They may also want you to move your leg so they can listen to the movement within you knee. Cracks, grinding, and popping sounds can indicate where your joint issues may lie.

If your physical examination doesn't reveal anything alarming, your doctor may also perform an X-ray to see if there are any issues within your bones and joints that may be causing you pain. You may be prescribed an anti-inflammatory or steroid regimen to help manage your pain while you and your doctor see if your symptoms improve. Your doctor may also discuss your daily activities with you so you can learn physical movements to avoid while you are healing from your pain.

Persistent Symptoms

If your knee joint pain does not improve or your symptoms return after a few weeks, your doctor may suggest you have an arthroscopic surgery to more accurately diagnose and treat what is causing you pain. This outpatient procedure is minimally invasive, and involves a small incision around your joint where an arthroscope attached to a camera is then inserted to give your doctor a better view as to what is causing your discomfort. Arthroscopic surgery includes:

  • small incisions on either side of your affected joint
  • a local, general, or spinal anesthetic
  • repairing affected tissues
  • shaving swollen joints

The benefits to arthroscopic surgery are many. This surgery is very non-invasive, so you have less downtime, a faster recovery, and a greater chance of repairing your knee joint pain for good. An arthroscopic surgery is usually a procedure your doctor will recommend when all other medical treatments have failed or other methods of diagnosing your pain have not explained your issue. Clinics, like Framingham Orthopedic Associates, can help you decide if arthroscopic surgery is right for you.

With the right treatment, you can take care of your knee joint pain and be on your way to optimum health. As you learn the various ways your doctor can diagnose and treat your pain, you can be more prepared to discuss your options and have more control over your treatment.


12 January 2015

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