3 Tips For Safely Applying Glaucoma Eye Drop Medication For Newly Diagnosed Patients

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If your ophthalmologist has prescribed eye drop medication for your recently diagnosed glaucoma, then there are some simple things you can do to make their application safer and more effective for treating your eye disease.

Here are three tips to help you more safely and effectively use your new medication:

Tip 1: Keep the Dropper Tip from Touching Your Eye or Finger

If the dropper tip touches your eye or hands, then it can become contaminated by the natural bacteria from your body. This can lead to bacterial growth at the end of the dropper. This bacteria can then enter into your eye in future applications and cause serious eye infections.

If the eye dropper tip accidentally touches your eye, then you should clean the tip of the bottle using a drop of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Allow the alcohol to dry for at least 5 minutes to ensure that it has all evaporated before using the dropper again.

Tip 2: Never Apply One Drop Right After Another

If your prescription says to apply two drops into each eye, then you might assume it means to drop twice at once into one eye and then move to the other. However, this technique leads to the second eye drop simply over-filling your eye space and running down your cheeks.

To solve this problem, apply one drop in your eye and then wait at least two minutes before applying the second drop. This will allow more of the medication to treat your glaucoma.

Tip 3: Close Your Eye and Tear Duct After Application

When drops are introduced into your eye, it is natural for your eye to want to water. This watering simply washes away the medication that you are trying to keep in your eye.

To prevent tears from washing away your newly applied glaucoma medication, as soon as you have dropped the solution on your eye, close your eye and press your finger over the tear duct located at the corner of your eye, near your nose. Keep your eye closed for at least a minute to allow the medication time to absorb into your eye.

Final Thoughts

By following the tips above, you can safely achieve the best results from your new glaucoma eye drop medication. If you have additional questions about the safety of applying eye drop medication, you should contact Coastal Eye Care or a similar location.


24 March 2015

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