Endometriosis: Is It The Cause Of Your Intense Lower Back Pain?

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If you recently discovered that you have endometriosis, you may wonder if it's the reason for your long battle with lower back pain. It's important that you speak to a back surgeon or specialist about your pain. The doctor can examine your back with diagnostic tools, such as sonograms and X-rays, to see if your endometriosis spread to the tissues found around your hips, pelvis and lower back. Here are things to know about endometriosis's effects on your back, how back surgery helps treat it, and tips to ease your discomfort at home.

How Does Endometriosis Spread to Other Body Tissues Like Your Back?

Although some women who have endometriosis experience symptoms early on, such as painful, heavy menstruations, many don't notice severe changes in their body until it's too late. Because of this, your regular doctors may have diagnosed you too late with endometriosis. As a result, you didn't receive the care you needed to prevent endometriosis from spreading to your back region. 

Endometriosis develops in your uterus or womb. The cells grow rapidly in the uterus and later spread or travel to organs and tissues located in the pelvis. Untreated endometriosis also has the ability to affect body tissues outside of the pelvic region, such as the muscles in your lower back, over time.

Your back pain usually begins as a small or minor discomfort that's easily remedied with OTC pain medications. However, as the cells of your endometriosis spread through your lower back, the pain becomes severe and sharp.

The pain increases when you bend or lift heavy objects, as well as when you exercise, experience constipation or sit for long periods of time. Anything that may overtax your back muscles triggers the pain in your back.

A back surgeon can help you overcome your pain, but you must see a specialist soon.

How Does Back Surgery Relieve Your Pain?

Back surgery is designed to repair damage to your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and spine. The type of surgery your doctor performs may depend on the severity and location of your endometriosis. For example, if endometriosis cells traveled to your sacrum and formed a painful tumor, the surgeon may remove it through sacral surgery. 

In some cases, your back surgeon may decide to treat your pain with other methods, such as injecting steroid medications into the lower back muscles. Your surgeon discusses every possible treatment option or course with you during a detailed and private consultation.

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30 July 2015

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