Are You Suffering From Hearing Loss? Understanding This Common Ailment

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Many people do not realize just how common hearing loss is in the United States and all over the world today. In fact, the vast majority still believe many misconceptions about hearing loss and hearing aids that can prevent them from getting the care and help that they need. Get to know more about the truth about hearing loss as well as hearing aids so that you can better determine if you need to see an audiologist or ear, nose, and throat specialist at a place like County Hearing And Balance for testing and treatment.

Hearing Loss Knows No Age

The common misconception is that only people who are elderly suffer from hearing loss, but hearing loss can affect people of any age. It is all too easy to dismiss any trouble you may be having with your hearing because you feel you are not old enough to have hearing problems. Be sure that you do not dismiss any telltale signs because of your age and your unconscious fear of growing old.

There Are Many Causes for Hearing Loss

Many people assume that all hearing loss has the same cause (age). As such, many people assume that any hearing loss they experience is "normal." This is often not the case. Many different factors can contribute to hearing loss. Some people experience hearing loss as the result of a traumatic injury like an accident or the like.

Others can experience hearing loss due to repeated exposure to noises at heightened decibels (like loud, live music and the like). Hearing loss can also occur due to chronic ear infections, fluid in the ears, or other illnesses. If you notice you are having trouble hearing conversations or find yourself asking people to repeat themselves a great deal, you could have hearing loss due to one of these many causes. 

Hearing Aids Come in Many Varieties

If you do find that you have hearing loss and require hearing aids, you will have numerous options. Hearing aids do not need to be cumbersome or noticeable. In fact, the newest types of hearing aids are extremely small, so small that they are virtually unnoticeable. Some fit inside of the ear while others fit behind or outside of the ear so that you can find a hearing aid that suits your tastes and fits comfortably. Newer hearing aids are also easy to program and can even be connected to your smart phone.

Now that you know more about hearing loss and hearing aids, you can be sure that you get the help and treatment that you need if and when you suffer from hearing loss.


17 March 2016

Hype up Your Hearing

I knew that my hearing wasn’t as good as it had once been, but I was still upset when my doctor told me that I had a significant hearing loss in both ears, and that I was going to need hearing aids if I wanted to participate more fully in my day to day life. But then I started researching hearing aids. I was thrilled to find out that there were small, barely visible aids that could help me hear without marking me as hearing impaired on first glance. Even better, the hearing aids were much more advanced than I’d thought. The ones that I chose can actually help cancel out environmental noise, like the clatter of a loud restaurant, so that I can focus on conversation with the waitress or the person across the table. My hearing aids have really improved my life.