When Hormones Affect Your Hockey Game: 3 Signs It's Time To Ask Your Doctor About Hormone Replacement Therapy


Many women find that ice hockey can be a great way to meet new friends and stay in shape. Because hockey is both a mentally and physically challenging game, a healthy mind and body are essential when it comes to ensuring you are successful on the ice. As you age, hormone deficiencies can start to take their toll on your hockey game.

Here are three signs that it might be time to ask your doctor about hormone replacement therapy to help you get your hockey game (and the rest of your life, too) back on track.

1. You experience more muscle tension than usual.

When you find that your muscles are tense more than usual during and after your hockey game, this could be a sign that your hormones are not in balance. Estrogen plays a critical role in suppressing cortisol, the hormone that is commonly associated with stress.

When your body isn't producing enough estrogen, the stress of skating in a hockey game can result in chronic muscle fatigue, tension, and even muscle spasms. If you notice an increase in the tension level of your muscles, talk to your doctor to see if hormone replacement therapy can help.

2. You experience more joint pain than usual.

The physical nature of a hockey game can take its toll on your joints. If you find that you are unable to recover as quickly as you used to after a hockey game, and you are experiencing a lot of pain in your joints, hormone imbalances could be to blame.

Estrogen plays an essential role in helping to control inflammation in your joints. When you don't have enough estrogen coursing through your body, your immune system will not be able to keep inflamed joints under control. An increase in joint pain after your hockey games is a good reason to talk to your doctor about hormone replacement therapy.

3. You show signs of mental fatigue.

If you find yourself suddenly running the wrong system or failing to back check when it's appropriate, these mental lapses could be attributed to a hormone imbalance. Among women between the ages of 33 and 55, memory problems and mental fatigue related to hormone changes are common.

Talking to your doctor about participating in hormone replacement therapy could be a simple way to gain back your mental edge on the ice.

Don't let a hormone imbalance affect your ability to play hockey. If you notice yourself experiencing mood swings, aching joints, or mental fatigue during your hockey games, talk to your doctor about hormone replacement therapy. Contact a business, such as Central Iowa OB/Gyn Specialists, PLC, for more information. 


10 June 2016

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