Learning More About Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: 3D Mammogram Screening

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Of the many women that are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, many of them must come back to see their physicians for more diagnostic testing after imaging reveals results that require further investigation. In some cases, women must come back for biopsy tests and more imaging to learn whether a suspicious result is or is not a form of cancer in the breast. However, as new and more advanced technology makes its way into the field of modern medicine, the benefits of digital breast tomosynthesis (3D mammogram) is becoming more and more evident. If you are planning a mammogram screening, learn more about why you might consider scheduling for a 3D mammogram.

Earlier Detection Helps Increase Survival Rates

3D mammogram imaging is being used along with traditional 2D mammogram imaging for producing images in greater detail and clarity. By using 3D imaging, doctors are able to see cancer at a much earlier stage, a huge benefit that will allow patients to receive more aggressive and effective treatment. The earlier breast cancer is detected, the more likely patients will respond to treatment that eradicates the cancer completely. Bear in mind that all women are at a high risk of breast cancer, despite the fact that some women do not have it in their family history.

While 3D mammogram imaging does cause a greater level of patient exposure to radiation, the benefit may outweigh the risk, especially since many breast cancer patients will not usually require multiple screenings. 3D mammogram imaging can detect lumps you may may not have felt during monthly manual breast exams as well.

Fewer Trips Back And Forth For Further Diagnostic Testing

Many patients that have traditional 2D mammogram screens are asked to come back for further diagnostic tests like biopsies. The reason for further testing is because 2D imaging does not produce an image that reveals as much detail about suspicious lumps. For example, if your physician could see the back side of a lump before doing a biopsy, he or she may be able to see that it is only a fibroid cyst instead of a cancerous tumor. While the initial cost of 3D mammogram imaging is higher (generally by $50-$100) than traditional 2D screening, the overall cost can be viewed as being cheaper because of fewer trips to doctor's offices and no costs for other diagnostics testing like biopsies.

Breast cancer is a deadly killer, but as advancements are being made towards more successful early detection, more patients have the chance for higher survival rates.

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1 July 2016

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