Should I Choose At-Home Laser Hair Removal?

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While you could make an appointment for a professional laser hair removal treatment, you may find that it is more convenient to purchase the equipment to perform your own at-home treatment. Overall, at-home treatments are slower than professional treatments and it is harder to achieve desirable results, especially if you have darker skin. Therefore, you may still want to consider visiting the office of a laser hair reduction specialist.

How It Works

Laser hair removal is intended to not only remove hair, but prevent it from growing back. The treatment uses a laser to kill the hair follicle while it is in its active growth phase. Because not all of the hair follicles will be in the active growth phase at the same time, multiple treatments are necessary to permanently remove the hair.

Professionals Have More Options

There are a larger range of laser treatment diodes available to professionals, some of which are well-suited for those who have dark skin. The IPL does not work with dark-skinned individuals, for example.

Professionals Can Achieve The Results You Want

At home lasers are not difficult to use. The lasers are low-powered, so they are entirely safe to use. However, you may find it difficult to achieve the results you want, while a laser hair removal specialist knows how to make sure that all of the stray hairs are removed and can perform follow-up treatments to ensure that they do not come back. Also, at-home treatments take a considerable amount of time to complete, except in the most trivial areas. The smaller treatment heads remove hairs more slowly. Professionals can cover your whole body with a large window and with very rapid flashes.

Some areas are difficult to reach with an at-home treatment, such as the backs of the legs. One option is to ask a friend to help you, but it is easier to go to a professional who knows how to effectively reach hard-to-reach areas.

At-Home Is Less Expensive

The at home treatment is less expensive than the professional treatment. However, it is important to consider the time spent with the slower at-home treatment when determining whether a professional treatment might be worth the cost.

Both Are Painless

Regardless of which option you choose, both options are painless. The at home option does not have enough power to allow you to make mistakes that would cause pain. The professional option is carried out by specialists who are trained in how to use lasers in a manner that makes the procedure painless.

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25 July 2016

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