Gestational Diabetes: Symptoms You Need To Know

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Gestational diabetes is a condition that only occurs during pregnancy. While it can lead to diabetes afterwards, in most cases it will clear up when you give birth. While it is likely to go away after you have your baby, it is still a dangerous condition for you and your baby that requires treatment. Unfortunately, gestational diabetes doesn't usually come with any noticeable symptoms that stand out. Many just assume what they are feeling is normal pregnancy symptoms and only realize it's not when the series of prenatal testing indicates otherwise. 

Feeling More Tired Than Normal

You will already feel more tired when you are pregnant. However, gestational diabetes sufferers will feel excessively tired. This can also be a symptom of other health problems, like anemia, so you should get it checked out with your doctor or midwife as soon as possible.

Excessive Thirst

Diabetes sufferers complain of feeling constantly thirsty, and this is the case with diabetes during pregnancy. You will want to drink more and may not feel any better after having that glass of water. Some sufferers also complain of a continual dry mouth.

If you are pregnant in hot weather, you will likely feel thirstier than normal. Just don't assume your excessive thirst is because you are pregnant and it is hot outside. At least mention it to your doctor during your next appointment.

Urinating More Often

When you're pregnant, you'll need to urinate more often anyway. There are various reasons for this, depending on the trimester you're in. However, you still want to keep an eye on the amount you are urinating. It can also be a sign that you are suffering from gestational diabetes, so you should address it with your doctor.

Suffer With Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is another common symptom of diabetes during pregnancy. The hypoglycemia causes blurred vision and some people will find the blurred vision is the reason they are later diagnosed with diabetes, meaning it is their first real symptom. Your vision can change during pregnancy, so it may be worth speaking to an optician at the same time as mentioning it to your doctor.

While gestational diabetes doesn't have symptoms that really stand out beyond normal pregnancy symptoms, you can be aware of your body and don't assume that anything is just supposed to happen. These warning areas will give you an idea of what to be more sensitive towards during your pregnancy so you can be sure to mention issues to your doctor. 

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5 August 2016

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