3 Tips To Reducing Snoring

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Snoring is a common bedtime nuisance for those around you. If you are trying to appease the other people in your home and reduce your snoring, there are several strategies that might help.

Change Your Sleeping Behavior

The way you sleep can make snoring better or worse. Unfortunately, if you typically sleep on your back, you may find you need to make the effort to sleep on your side. When you lie on your side, try to have several pillows along your back and buttocks, which can encourage you to not roll onto your back, even while you are still asleep. Elevation is also important for people who snore, regardless of their sleeping position. Being more elevated can help reduce snoring. The easiest way to stay elevated throughout the night is to use a wedge pillow under your standard pillows. Try to purchase the largest wedge pillow you can find so your upper body has enough room to comfortably rest on the pillow.

Address Weight Issues

Although not everyone who snores is overweight, weight can often be an underlying culprit, especially if you carry much of your excess weight in your upper body. Just making simple changes to your diet and going for walks each day may be enough to shed weight and decrease snoring for some people. If you struggle with your weight and also snore, it is also advisable to discuss this issue with your doctor. They may want to test your oxygen saturation while you sleep to determine if you only snore or also have problems with obstructive sleep apnea. If it is determined that obstructive sleep apnea is a problem, losing weight should become more of a priority since sleep apnea can be life-threatening.

Consider Your Nasal Passages

When you are congested or have inflammation in your sinus passage, you breathe through your mouth while you sleep. There are some retail products available that might help open your nasal passages so you can breathe through your nose. The most commonly used products are strips applied across the bridge of your nose. These products can be effective if you have minor narrowing of your nasal passages. If you have frequent issues with sinus or allergy problems, you should also consider speaking with your doctor about medications to manage these conditions and keep your nasal passages open without the use of strips. In addition to antihistamines, you may find daily nasal steroids work better at reducing the inflammation in your nasal passages that causes them to narrow. For some people, narrowing of their nasal passages can be attributed to abnormalities that can only be corrected with surgery.

Eliminating or reducing snoring will depend on the underlying cause. Simply changing your sleeping position and staying elevated as you sleep are easy snoring treatments that can reduce the problem.


27 July 2018

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