Is Body Contouring Right For You?

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Body contouring is a way to get the better body you want without having to go completely under the knife. This procedure can be done with lasers and other sculpting mechanisms that keep you from having to be put completely under for major reconstruction or surgery. However, body contouring is not ideal for every person. Here are questions you should ask yourself before asking your medical professional if body contouring is right for you.

Do you have a lot of weight to lose?

Body contouring is ideal for people who have either reached their ideal weight, don't have a lot of weight to lose, or are already at a good weight but have trouble spots that are hard to define. In short, if you don't have a lot of weight to lose and just have issues around your love handles, stomach, arms, or other problem areas, you can get this procedure done and expect relatively good or even very good results.

Do you keep a healthy lifestyle?

Do you exercise on the regular? Do you try to eat and drink healthy? Do you refrain from cigarettes and tobacco and keep drinking minimal? If you do, then body contouring can give you the results you expect. This is because you already take care of your body for the most part, so getting this work done will just give you the jump start you need to keep your body in its best form.

You can get body contouring done in a few sessions or even a single session and see results, depending on how toned your body is already. Your cosmetic or medical surgeon will give you their recommendations for how many procedures you should have done, as well as what type of body contouring treatment is best for you.

Do you have realistic expectations?

If you want to get a six pack overnight or truly transform your body into losing several inches and clothing sizes without putting in any personal effort or expecting surgery to fix all your problem areas, then body contouring is not right for you. This is because the procedure takes a while to show its full results, and you have to do your part to make sure your body transformation takes place. For more instant results, you'll want to go under the knife or get a tummy tuck or liposuction. Your surgeon will tell you more about how body contouring will affect you.

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7 March 2019

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