Topics To Consider Before You Move Forward With A Tubal Ligation

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If you think that you're done having children and are interested in talking to your OBGYN about having a tubal ligation, you'll want to heavily consider a number of topics before you make your decision. Your OBGYN can help by talking to you about your thoughts on not having more children, but the reality is that you'll have to make this decision yourself — and, ideally, with the support of your spouse or partner. There are a number of considerations to evaluate, and feeling certain of them can give you confidence as you move forward with scheduling this procedure.

The Potential For More Children

Obviously, thinking about whether there is any part of you that wants to have another child is the biggest thing to consider right now. Try to give this topic some thought as clearly as possible. If you perhaps have one or two children, you might feel so exhausted that you cannot dream of having another. However, as the children get a few years older and can do more for themselves, giving you more energy, there might be a part of you that longs to have another child.

Staying With Your Spouse/Partner

It might be a difficult topic to think about, but you should also consider whether you picture yourself staying with your spouse or partner for the long term. It may be true that you don't want to have another child with him because the relationship is not strong. However, should you divorce in the near future and find a person with whom you fall in love, you might have a desire to have a child together. You may regret a premature tubal ligation in this scenario.

Death Of A Child

Even more difficult to think about is the potential that the child you now have could pass away. While this thought may be unbearable, the reality is that many couples go through this difficult time. Some couples who lose a child do not want to have another, while others want to have another quickly to help deal with the pain that they're experiencing. Thinking about this difficult topic will take some time, but you'll hopefully be able to come to a clear decision about what to do. You can then share your sentiments with your OBGYN, who can either schedule a tubal ligation for you or perhaps hold off on this procedure for the foreseeable future.

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24 May 2019

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