Were Your Teen's Teeth Knocked Out? Consider Implant Surgery Today

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If your teenager has suffered some permanent tooth loss from an accident and you don't want them to be self-conscious of how they look for the rest of their life, explore dental implants.  These look natural and healthy and will last your teen's lifetime if they are installed and maintained properly.

An oral surgeon that specializes in cosmetic dentistry or endodontics will have to do the work for the implantation. Here are a few reasons why this is the most reasonable choice for your teen's tooth loss problems.

You Want the Healthiest Option

You want to have the healthiest oral health option for your body when finding a way to replace the teeth, and dental implants are the next healthiest thing to your teen's natural adult teeth. The implant benefits include:

  • Gum protection
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Aren't damaged by bacteria

When the implants are embedded in the mouth they will protect the gums, be easy to brush and floss around, and aren't going to get damaged by bacteria in the mouth. This makes them a better choice than veneers.  

You Need a Permanent Solution

You don't want a temporary fix to the tooth that you have to maintain all the time. Instead, you want an option that can last a lifetime. If the implants are cared for regularly with proper brushing, regular dental checkups, and trips to the oral surgeon when needed to have the implants tightened, they can last a long time. This is the best investment for your teen's future.  

Your Teen Wants Normalcy

The implants allow your team some normalcy. The implants are created and designed to mimic their original teeth. This means they look natural, feel natural while eating and smiling, and your teen can look how they did before the accident. This will be great for daily eating and also their self-esteem.

Tooth loss in an accident can be overwhelming. Have your teen go in for a consultation at a dental clinic such as Lighthouse Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery to see if they are at the age where they can get implants, and start the process.

The oral surgeon will have to prep the areas where the old teeth were lost, and make sure that the jaw bones are dense enough to support the implants. Once everything is cleared and the implants come in, they will be drilled into the mouth. Find out how long the healing process is, and what you can do to help your teen after surgery.


20 January 2023

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